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Type Into Your Browser and See Where It Goes

Donald Trump Holds Town Hall In New HampshireDonald Trump Holds Town Hall In New Hampshire
Hint: He lost in Iowa.Photograph by Scott Eisen — Getty Images

Insult has just been added to Donald Trump’s Iowan injury.

Hours after losing the Iowa Republican caucuses to Ted Cruz, Trump’s Wikipedia page became the redirected destination of The owner of the web domain began trolling the GOP candidate at around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, notes the New York Daily News.

Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter. has a long history of pointing toward whoever may be the loser du jour. The site featured Kanye West’s Wikipedia page after the musician lost to Beck at the 2015 Grammy Awards—an insult compounded by the fact that Beck’s most well-known jam is “Loser.”

Of course, “loser” aslo happens to be a favorite insult of Trump. Salt meet wound. has in the past redirected visitors to landing pages for Barack Obama, WikiLeaks, Google (GOOG), Reddit, and an opposition site targeting South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges.

For more on the Ted Cruz and the Iowa caucus, watch:


The site’s owner is Brian Connelly, a South Carolinian systems analyst, according to the Daily Beast. He has apparently controlled the domain since 1995, and uses it as a joke and as a means to generate traffic, depending on his whims.