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Microsoft Just Released a News App For iOS

Apple Unveils iPhone 6Apple Unveils iPhone 6

Watch out Apple News, there’s a fresh iOS news app in town from…Microsoft.

The tech giant unveiled News Pro, which is focused on serving up work-related news to its users, on Tuesday. News Pro is powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and is part of Microsoft (MSFT) Garage, the company’s studio for experimental projects. The app is currently available on iOS and web.

News Pro is a familiar attempt to use a person’s social networks—Facebook (FB) and LinkedIn (LNKD)—to glean clues at their job and work interests to supply them with news and articles they’re likely to find interesting and useful. LinkedIn itself has been working to provide a similar service to its users through its news app Pulse as well as its flagship social network. Others, like Nuzzel, are taking a different approach by recommending what a user’s friends on social media are sharing and not just for work, though again, the idea is to tailor the news to each user.

Apps recently out of Microsoft Garage include the Mimicker Alarm app and the Selfie app.