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Why Over 100 Taxi and Uber Drivers Were Protesting in Philadelphia

The Uber logo is displayed on the window of a vehicleThe Uber logo is displayed on the window of a vehicle
The Uber logo is displayed on a car window.Photograph by Andrew Harrer — Bloomberg via Getty Images

Over 100 taxi and Uber Black drivers in Philadephia were reportedly protesting Wednesday afternoon.

The protest centered around what the workers called “illegal operation” of ride-sharing services Uber X and Lyft in the city, ABC 6 reported.

The protest is said to have blocked traffic in the area around City Hall, the station reported, as drivers left their vehicles in order to march. The Uber Black drivers voiced their concerns during the protest about having to pay fees, whereas Uber X and Lyft drivers do not.

“Many taxi and limousine drivers are understandably frustrated because the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s outdated rules make it harder to earn a living when the public has shown they want more affordable options,” according to an Uber spokesperson to ABC 6. “Each year, the PPA requires limousine drivers to pay $404 per vehicle for a PPA sticker and $130 for their chauffeur’s permit to be renewed.”

It continued, “They also subject drivers to obsolete vehicle restrictions and onerous insurance requirements. We believe statewide reform of the PPA that allows for regulated ridesharing will benefit both riders and drivers.”

A taxi driver reportedly was detained during the protest and also ticketed, according to the news station.

Fortune has reached out to Uber and Lyft for comment.

This isn’t the first time drivers have protested the ride-sharing service. In June, taxi drivers in Paris blocked roads and disrupted traffic in a rally against Uber.