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Real-Life Santa Pays Off Over $100K in Walmart Layaways

Wal-Mart Prepares For Black Friday Shopping RushWal-Mart Prepares For Black Friday Shopping Rush
A Walmart employee adjusts a Christmas-themed sign in the store.Photograph by Joe Raedle via Getty Images

While others are probably hoping to get the latest Apple product for their birthday, this man would rather give.

A mysterious benefactor, who insisted on remaining anonymous, told Ohio Walmart employees that every year he likes doing something special on his birthday. This year, Cleveland’s newsnet5 reports, he paid off $106,000 worth of layaways at local Walmart locations — $36,000 in Lorain and $70,000 in Cleveland.

The donor paid for every layaway item, including a pair of socks, a 70-inch television, and of course “tons and tons of toys.” The man’s good deed benefitted more than 200 people in Northeast Ohio.

Customer Tara Neal, a mother of four, had paid off $10 for her 3-year-old’s “Frozen”-themed bed when she received a call letting her know that the remaining $80 had been taken care of. She told the news station, “It’s such a blessing to know there are still people out there that care. It’s like Santa, like a real Santa to me.”

Cathie Cromwell, another Walmart patron, cried when she found out. “It’s amazing someone would have this much compassion during the Christmas season to help us,” she said, “To help people who maybe wouldn’t have had Christmas.”