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Most Americans Don’t Agree With Donald Trump’s Ban on Muslims

December 11, 2015, 1:16 PM UTC
A Donald Trump supports holds up a sign at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio in November 2015.
A Donald Trump supporter holds up a sign at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio in November 2015.
Ty Wright—Getty Images

Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S. has made headlines all over the world, but a new poll says a large majority of Americans oppose his plan.

57% of Americans are against it, according to the poll released Thursday by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, with just 25% supporting a ban. When it comes to Republican primary voters, however, the margins are much closer, with 38% supporting the plan and 39% opposing it.

In what may be more damning evidence for the possibility that Trump’s ban ever becomes U.S. policy, the poll also says Americans view Muslims more favorably than they do the Republican presidential frontrunner, and by a good margin. Nearly 60% of people polled have a positive view of Muslims, while just as many have a negative view of Trump.

On Monday, Trump announced his plan to ban all new immigration of Muslims to the U.S., an idea widely condemned, even by some of his fellow Republicans. The move may even hurt Trump financially, as there are growing signs that business partners are reluctant to associate themselves with the Trump brand.