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This is the Commercial That’s Breaking the Internet’s Heart

December 2, 2015, 4:06 PM UTC
edeka commercial
edeka commercial
Courtesy Edeka

German supermarket chain EDEKA has released a truly depressing Christmas ad that’s gone viral on social media.

The commerical, which is a minute and 46 seconds long, features an elderly man receiving a letter from his daughter that she won’t be able to make it for a Christmas visit. So, the man is forced to celebrate alone, preparing a lonely-looking meal for himself.

A year appears to pass and it’s time for Christmas once again. But the ad takes a dark turn: the elderly man has apparently passed away. The scene cuts to a hospital and the shocked faces of his daughters.

Dressed in black, the man’s family gather together to mourn their loss. Only there’s a twist—and you’ll have to watch it to the end to find out.

Nearly 20 million people have viewed the video already since it was posted at the end of November.

Check out the full ad below: