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Ben Carson Still More Trusted Than Trump

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In MilwaukeeGOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee
Presidential candidate Ben Carson during the Republican Presidential debate sponsored by Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal.Photograph by Scott Olson via Getty Images

Despite numerous questions recently about Ben Carson’s honesty, a new poll shows that Republican voters think Ben Carson is more trustworthy than Donald Trump by a wide margin.

That might not be enough to get Carson the GOP nomination. Overall, the recent Bloomberg poll found that Trump was the preferred candidate with 24% of potential Republican primary voters identifying him as their first choice among all candidates. Carson came in second, with 20% of respondents choosing him as their top candidate. Those surveyed thought that when it came to actually taking action and getting things done, such as managing the economy or combating Islamic terrorism, Trump would do a better job than Carson.

Still, when asked about who has the more favorable personality — who can work more effectively with Congress and cares about “people like you” — Carson was the clear winner. Bloomberg’s pollsters also asked potential Republican primary voters specifically about which of the two candidates is the most “honest and trustworthy.” Carson clocked in at 61%, a 36% lead over his opposition.

Dr. Carson was recently accused of lying about having received a full scholarship to West Point despite never having even applied (he chalked it up to a misinterpretation at the most recent Fox Republican debate). It has also recently come to light that he helped a close friend receive a light penalty after being convicted of a crime for which Carson has specifically advocated a harsh punishment.

Despite all that, Republican voters still trust him more than Donald Trump.