We had a zombie delivered to our office. Here’s what happened

October 30, 2015, 8:56 PM UTC

You might think some of your coworkers are zombies, especially in the morning before they’ve been adequately caffeinated. But today, thanks to Lyft, Fortune had a real-life zombie roaming its hallowed halls. Here’s how it went down.

We heard about Lyft’s zombie delivery service and wrote about it yesterday, but knew we’d have to try it our for ourselves. Ok, so we didn’t use the app (demand was too high!), but we managed to have the undead delivered anyways. A Lyft car pulled up with a zombie in the back seat. The makeup and costume were impeccable, thanks to the partnership with The Walking Dead. The zombie, Danny, was also croaking, lunging, and staring in the creepiest of ways. We were frightened… and impressed. We would have never guessed that he’s a comedian when he’s not scaring our staff.

Danny and his guide roamed the halls, freaking out even our most senior reporters and editors. There was more than one authentic scream at the sight of Danny. The zombie guide sprinkled in tidbits about the undead, stressing that Danny was harmless and Lyft’s delivery service was meant to teach humans about the zombies. Since Danny had already been fed brains, we were told we had nothing to worry about. This was proven when Danny even posed for pictures, thanks to the calming effects of jingling keys. When riding in an elevator, he stayed especially calm and stood in the corner. Unexpected patrons of our building didn’t quite know what to make of the scene.

Check out what our staff reacted below. We’re definitely in the Halloween spirit now.