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Why Chris Christie was kicked out of an Amtrak car

Chris ChristieChris Christie
Chris Christie

Chris Christie, the GOP presidential hopeful who has been known to be a bully, was kicked out of an Amtrak car on Sunday. Gawker was the first to report the incident as a fellow passenger, Alexander Mann, told the publication:

He got on last minute yelling at his two secret service agents I think because of a seat mixup, sat down and immediately started making phone calls on the quiet car. After about 10 minutes, the conductor asked him to stop or go to another car. He got up and walked out again yelling at his secret service. He was drinking a McDonald’s strawberry smoothie.

It seems that being placed in the wrong seat really put the New Jersey governor in a sour mood, and his smoothie obviously didn’t do much to lighten up his day. He was supposedly repeating the phrases, “This is frickin’ ridiculous” and “Seriously?! Seriously?!”

In a statement to the Huffington Post, Samantha Smith, a spokesperson for Christie, claimed that he had “accidentally” taken a seat in the quiet car without realizing it, and she apologized on his behalf.