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Drink Beck’s? You can expect some checks

AB InBev And SABMiller Beers On Display Following $106 Billion DealAB InBev And SABMiller Beers On Display Following $106 Billion Deal
Bottles of Beck's beer.Photograph by Bloomberg/Getty Images

Were you happily gulping down Beck’s thinking it was an authentic German pilsner? Well, you may be owed your money back.

A U.S. magistrate judge in Miami has ruled that Anheuser-Busch InBev falsely led American beer drinkers to believe that Beck’s was authentically German and approved an estimated $20 million settlement, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Beck’s signature green bottle is emblazoned with a label that says it “Originated in Bremen, Germany” and is “German Quality” beer, duping customers as to its true production location. Beck’s is currently made in St. Louis after the company moved production there from Germany in 2012.

The settlement covers consumers who purchased Beck’s Light and Beck’s Dark beers since May 2011. To get your money, you’ll have until next month to fill out an online form to claim your refund. With all your receipts, you can claim as much as $50. No such luck? You can still get as much as $12 back. Each bottle purchased garners 10 cents back, each six-pack gets 50 cents, and a 20-pack is worth $1.75.

AB InBev (BUD), which just spent $104 billion to buy rival SABMiller (SBMRY), will adjust the Beck’s label to ensure beer drinkers know they’re getting a U.S.-made brew.