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You could win a box of Lucky Charms filled with only marshmallows

The best part of any bite of Lucky Charms cereal is, of course, the dehydrated marshmallows. But imagine breaking into a box filled with only Lucky Charms marshmallows for breakfast. How cool—and probably also hazardous for you health—would that be?

General Mills is offering that whacky option for 10 lucky super fans in a new contest, the company has announced: “So, how can you become one of the Lucky 10?” the brand’s blogger asks. “It’s simple! Just share a photo of yourself holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram between October 14 and 18 using #Lucky10Sweepstakes.”

General Mills (GIS) is clearly trying to tap into grassroots marketing from millennials and other social media savvy consumers to help promote the brand’s efforts.

There’s also a pretty heavy marketing push by the company with the help of American rapper Biz Markie. You can watch that video below:

“We wanted to tap into where that love is and it’s across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lucky Charms is one of the most Instagrammed cereals and these platforms are the right place to ignite and connect to the passion we hear about,” said Amanda Hill, associate marketing manager of Lucky Charms, in a statement.

She added: “We wanted to have a little fun and connect with our fans. It needed to be easy and accessible for everyone to have a chance to win and celebrate what makes us, us – the marshmallows.”

But you probably should act fast if you want to win a box of the stuff. There are just three more days left to enter, according to General Mills.

“Our goal with Lucky Charms and all our cereals is to provide a balanced breakfast and while we know everyone loves the marshmallows, the oats are an important part of the cereal too,” company spokesman Mike Siemienas told Fortune.At this time, the limited edition Marshmallow Only boxes are only available through this sweepstakes.”

Earlier this year, General Mills announced that it would be removing artificial coloring from its cereals. Fortune reached out to the company for comment on the nutritional value of a cereal box filled with only Lucky Charms marshmallows.

The answer: “Each ¾ cup serving of the Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms has 110 calories and 23g of sugar. There are 11 servings in each box.”

Don’t forget to brush your teeth.