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Which country has the most Nobel Prizes?

The Nobel laureate medal.Photograph by Jonathan Nackstrand — AFP/Getty Images

With the Nobel Prizes for 2015 being announced over the past week, you might be wondering just how many of the famous medals your country has won. If you’re from the United States or the United Kingdom, you’re in luck, because those two nations have dominated the rankings.

The Telegraph put together a handy map and bar graph showing how many Prizes countries around the world have won. Along with the US and the UK, Germany, France and Sweden round out the top five. The highest ranking non-European country is Japan.

The Telegraph notes that the US didn’t actually start dominating the awards until after World War II. Before then, European nations were the biggest winners. Now, the US has the most Prizes in all categories except for Literature, where it ranks behind France, Germany and the UK.

To see the map and learn some more facts about Nobel nationalities, head to The Telegraph.