Here’s what you can get at McDonald’s all-day breakfast

October 6, 2015, 2:58 PM UTC

People have been patiently awaiting the arrival of McDonald’s (MCD) all-day breakfast menu since the fast food giant announced last month that it would be expanding the option to all of its U.S. locations. And now it’s finally here.

But don’t get your hopes up too quickly. If you’re particularly loyal to either the biscuit or the McMuffin, you better hope that your local Mickey D’s is offering up the right menu. Locations have been categorized by either the “Biscuit Menu” or “McMuffin Menu.”

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the “Biscuit Belt” runs “from West Virginia through the Carolinas and Kentucky and down through most of Arkansas and Louisiana.” ABC News says that these locations will serve the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, the sausage biscuit with egg, and the sausage biscuit.

The rest of the U.S. is McMuffin territory and will serve up the egg McMuffin, the sausage McMuffin with egg, and the sausage McMuffin. No other biscuit or McMuffin sandwiches will be available past 10:30AM.

Menus vary by location, but these items will be available at most McDonald’s restaurants: sausage burrito, hotcakes, hotcakes with sausage, “Fruit ‘N Yogurt” parfait, and “Fruit & Maple” oatmeal.

It was first noticed by BuzzFeed that hash browns, a McDonald’s breakfast staple, isn’t being offered at as many locations as customers would like. The kitchens use the same fryers to cook both hash browns and fries, so some locations may not be able to serve both past the regular breakfast cutoff.

However, McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb instilled hope in the hearts of many when she told BuzzFeed, “If a location isn’t able to offer hash browns at this point, that doesn’t mean they never may offer them as more learning continues to happen.”

The company has been in its worst slump in over a decade, so it’s hoping that this transformation will bring sales back up, but not everyone’s so sure it will work.

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