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Google CFO Ruth Porat just bought Palo Alto’s most expensive house

Alphabet CFO Ruth PoratAlphabet CFO Ruth Porat
Alphabet CFO Ruth PoratPhotograph by Jin Lee — Bloomberg/Getty Images

Google’s CFO Ruth Porat isn’t only the new kid on the block, she’s also the one with the most expensive house.

Porat, who became the CFO of Google back in May and of holding company Alphabet three months later, just bought a $30 million home in Palo Alto, reports CBS San Francisco. According to the local news site’s reporting, the purchase is the biggest one Palo Alto has ever seen—and that’s saying a lot, considering the city is home to quite a few tech billionaires, including Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg.

How did Porat become such a high roller? Bloomberg reports that the former Morgan Stanley CFO received $70 million in compensation, a $5 million one-time signing bonus, and a $25 million stock grant upon joining Google.

Porat is #26 on Fortune‘s list of Most Powerful Women this year, but wasn’t included in our analysis of the highest paid women in the ranking due to how recent her move to Google was. However, with this kind of compensation package, she gives the highest-paid woman on our list, Angela Ahrendts, a run for her money. Ahrendts, who is the SVP of retail and online stores at Apple and #16 on the MPW ranking, made nearly $73.4 million last year in compensation.