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You’ll be able to play Pokémon in the real world next year

Dozens of people dressed up as Pikachu, the famous character of Nintendo's videogame software Pokemon, dance with fans as the final of a nine-day "Pikachu Outbreak" event takes place to attract summer vacationers in Yokohama, in suburban Tokyo, on August 16, 2015. Photograph by Toru Yamanaka — AFP/Getty Images

Pokémon will finally be a reality starting next year. Niantic, a former Google startup, in partnership with Nintendo is creating Pokémon Go for phones. The game, which will work with Android and iOS devices, is set to be released next year.

“The day has finally come when Pokémon appear in the real world,” Pokémon designer Junichi Masuda said, according to Kotaku.

A trailer of the upcoming game features people using their phones and a new watch-like device, called a Pokémon Go Plus, to travel the real world and find the fanciful creature, including the popular electric mouse-like creature Pikachu. Players can also trade the Pokémon they’ve captured (with Pokéballs, of course) and team up together to fend off legendary creatures, such as Mewtwo.

Per Kotaku:

Niantic says it is working closely with the Pokémon Company and Nintendo to make a brand new style of Pokémon game. The idea is that players go outside, get some fresh air, and capture Pokemon at the same time.

Here’s the trailer of the new game: