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Trump’s latest ad makes fun of someone sleeping at a Jeb rally

Donald Trump Makes Announcement At Trump TowerDonald Trump Makes Announcement At Trump Tower
Business mogul Donald Trump.Photograph by Christopher Gregory — Getty Images

No matter what you think about Donald Trump’s policies, you have to give this to him: He may be the greatest troll American politics has ever seen.

Trump has not played nice at all since he launched his bid for the U.S. presidency in June. He has constantly made fun of his fellow candidates, accusing them of not understanding how to work air conditioning in the venues where they were speaking, or simply using his favorite ad hominem insults, such as “dummy.”

His latest shot comes at the expense of former favorite Jeb Bush, using footage of someone sleeping while the former Florida Governor spoke, and turning it into a faux-infomercial.

Trump and Jeb will get to spar in person again on Sept. 16 at the next GOP debate.