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Craft beer on tap coming to Kroger supermarkets

Inside A Kroger Co. Supermarket Ahead Of Earns FiguresInside A Kroger Co. Supermarket Ahead Of Earns Figures

Kroger this year has added additional craft beer stations to stores across several states, a move by the grocery chain to tap into a fast-growing beverage category that is a hit with consumers.

The company is making a national push to add in-store beer stations and tastings in stores in Ohio, Georgia, Virginia and a few other key markets, according to USA Today. With many new local breweries focused on selling beers only on draft taps, the move is a way for Kroger (KR) to differentiate itself from the crowd.

But Kroger isn’t alone in pursuing the craft beer faithful’s wallets. Whole Foods (WFM) has been selling growlers – vessels used to bottle up draft beer – since 2006. New York drugstore chain Duane Reade is also among the retailers experimenting with the offering.

Why? Well American craft brewers now produce about one out of every 10 beers sold in the U.S. The craft beer industry has reported sharp volume growth in recent years as drinkers favor smaller brewers willing to try new flavor concoctions produced by local businesses.