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Uniqlo introduces four-day work week — with a catch

Inside Fast Retailing's Uniqlo Store Ahead Of EarningsInside Fast Retailing's Uniqlo Store Ahead Of Earnings
An employee folds a shirt displayed at Fast Retailing Co.'s Uniqlo store in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan. Photograph by Bloomberg via Getty Images

Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing, is piloting a program that will allow its employees to work four-day weeks. About 10,000 of Uniqlo’s full-time employees in Japan will be allowed to take schedules with three-day weekends and longer workdays, according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg says that the experiment is aimed at improving full-time employee retention, since employees who want more personal time often choose to become part-time. The shortened schedules are available to in-store employees, and if the test run goes well, may be rolled out to headquarters and other stores. Employees who take advantage of the schedule will work four ten-hour days that include the weekend, then enjoy three days off.

Fast Retailing also owns J Brand and Theory.