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Google bulks up on data services for its cloud business

Google Opens New Berlin OfficeGoogle Opens New Berlin Office

Google has been pushing hard into the potentially lucrative business of cloud computing, in which companies rent computing power from their data centers to other businesses. On Wednesday, Google took another step by expanding its data-crunching services that help companies build sophisticated software in the cloud.

The search giant says that customers can use its the new data services, plus its other products, to build software for detecting financial fraud detection, genomics analysis, and inventory management.

Cloud Dataflow, one of Google’s new services, helps software developers build applications that require analyzing data in both real-time and over longer stretches. Google’s other newly introduced product, Cloud Pub/Sub, helps computers and mobile devices send data back and forth.


Google’s announcement comes shortly after a corporate reorganization that puts all of its businesses under a new holding company, Alphabet. The point is to make Google’s sprawling divisions more manageable by giving them more autonomy. Although Google put some of its products into independent entities, Google (GOOG) said it would keep its cloud-computing business under the Google brand.

In an interview with Fortune Tuesday, Mark Russinovich, the chief technology officer of Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, dismissed Google as a major competitor in cloud computing. He emphasized that Microsoft (MSFT) and Amazon (AMZN) lead the market when it comes to landing big, enterprise clients.

Google’s decisions to add more features to its cloud computing operations is one way the company can make itself more attractive to companies seeking to set up shop on the Google cloud.


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