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Snarky new Samsung ad hits Apple where it hurts

There are a lot of things Samsung could say to tout the battery life of the Galaxy S5, its top-of-the-line smartphone.

  • It outperforms Apple’s iPhone 5S in independent battery tests by as much as 40% — nearly 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • It’s got an Ultra Power Saving Mode that extends battery life by shutting down power-hungry apps and switching the display from color to black and white
  • In a pinch, you can replace the Galaxy’s battery with a fresh one.

Samsung could say all that, but it’s more fun — and more effective — to ridicule Apple, which is what it does in the 60-second ad that appeared on Samsung’s YouTube channel Thursday.

Samsung’s U.S. marketing team really knows how to get under Apple’s (AAPL) skin.  In 2011 they made fun of iPhone line-sitters. In 2013 the target was Apple’s legal team. The latest ad goes after what it calls “wall huggers” —  iPhone owners who spend an inordinate amount of time clustered around airport power outlets.

It’s a shot Samsung had to take before Apple comes out with its own larger-screen — and larger battery — phones.

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