iPhones and iPads top teen wish lists this Christmas

November 28, 2011, 11:29 AM UTC

Only “money” and “clothes” scored higher in an annual pre-holiday survey

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For 22 years, Piper Jaffray researchers have been asking American teenagers what they want for Christmas, and for the past four years Apple (AAPL) products have been moving steadily up the wish lists.

All told, according to a note to clients issued Monday by senior research analyst Gene Munster, 11.2% of the 5,700 teenagers surveyed this fall named one Apple product or another. Except for iPods, the trend was up across the board. Topping the wish lists:

  • 3.4% asked for an iPhone, up from 2.5% in 2010
  • 2.5% an iPad, up from 2.2%
  • 2.1% an iPod, down from 3%
  • 1.3% an iPod touch, down from 3%
  • 1.1% a Mac, up from 0.8%

By way of comparison, only 0.3% asked for Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox and 0.4% mentioned Sony’s (SNE) PS3.

The most popular requests, however, were “money” (22%) and “clothes” (15%).

Below the fold: Piper Jaffray’s charts comparing the wish lists of teens from upper- and average-income families. Note that upper-income teens are more likely to ask for a Mac, while average-income teens tend to ask for an iPad. Also note that nearly twice as many teens from richer families asked for an iPhone. Munster suggests that this reflects the rising appeal of cheaper Google (GOOG) Android phones among more price-sensitive buyers.