Today in Tech: Amazon ups Kindle Fire orders?

November 10, 2011, 1:01 PM UTC

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* According to The Atlantic, Amazon (AMZN) bought a voice-to-text tech startup called Yap. Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services opened a new data center in Umatilla, Oregon. Customers who host their services at the Oregon location will pay 10% less than if they use the company’s data centers in California and Virginia. And in Kindle Fire news, the company may have upped manufacturing of the Android-based tablet to five million-units by the end of the year to meet increasing anticipated demand.  (The Atlantic, All Things D, and DigiTimes)

An in-depth look at Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page. Also in Google-related news, the Mountain View-based Internet giant will stop supporting the Blackberry version of its Gmail app. (The New York Times and TG Daily)

* With few apps and service outages, can BlackBerry recover from its biggest crisis yet? (Fortune)

* Cisco (CSCO) reported a better-than-expected fiscal first quarter, with earnings of $1.8 billion on revenues of $11.3 billion. (ZDNET)

* An eye-opening round-up of the industry’s highest-paid executives (CNNMoney)

* Facebook will soon give its 800 million users the option of seeing most recent stories first in their news feeds again. The tweak comes roughly six weeks after the social network started pushing “highlighted stories” to the top. (All Facebook)

* Trevor Owens, founder of Tech@NYU, on why founders should try to emulate Steve Wozniak more than Steve Jobs. (Tumblr)

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