Video: 75 minutes of unadulterated Steve Jobs

November 2, 2011, 11:25 AM UTC

Computerworld has released what may be the longest nonstop interview he ever gave

Jobs in 1995. Source: Computerworld

Recorded in April 1995 for a Smithsonian oral history project, the videotape is the source of much of what its known about Steve Jobs’ childhood and his personal views on a wide range of topics — from what’s wrong with education to what was wrong with Apple (AAPL) two years before his return.

Readers of Walter Isaacson’s
Steve Jobs
will recognize the debt he owes, especially in the early chapters, to Daniel Morrow, executive director of the Computerworld Honors Program, who conducted the interview.

You can watch the video in one continuous stream here or in bite-size chunks here.

Below: A 7:30 sample via YouTube.