Pre-Marketing: Econ policy as culture war

October 12, 2011, 2:59 PM UTC

* The partisan mind: Economic policy as culture war

* Steven Davidoff: Groupon and Zynga prove the value of SEC IPO review

* Minority report: Dept of Homeland Security is developing “pre-crime” detection machine

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London falls early, European shares rise and the Nikkei slides.

* Chart of the Day: Skyrocketing CEO pay (one reason is “peer benchmarking”)

* Data: Even the median private equity fund beat stocks

* Joe Chung: How not to start a startup

* Sitting idle: Tough times for oil tankers

* Fashion icon: Why Steve Jobs wore black turtlenecks

* Roger Altman: America’s blueprint for saving Europe’s banks

* Shire Ovide: Tales from the Bank of America gift shop

* Henry Blodget: Here’s what the Wall Street protesters are so angry about

* Matt Taibbi: Unknown firm knocks off Goldman’s program traded crown

* 9-9-9 evangelist: Herman Cain’s economic adviser is not an economist

* The worst question a salesperson can ask: What’s keeping you up at night?

* Tweet of the Day: @fredwilson the inability to easily embed a tweet is possibly the greatest failing of the twitter service. that single feature made youtube.

* Quote of the Day comes from Mitt Romney during last night’s debate, when accused by John Huntsman of being a corporate raider while running Bain Capital (a bit ironic, given that Huntsman’s father recently co-founded a PE firm loaded with ex-Bain folks): “We instead helped start businesses. And they know some of the names. We started Staples, we started the Sports Authority, we started Bright Horizons children centers. Heck, we even started a steel mill in a farm field in Indiana. And that steel mill operates today and employs a lot of people. So we began businesses.”

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