Pre-Marketing: Who wants Yahoo?

September 15, 2011, 2:42 PM UTC

* UBS: Rogue trader lost us $2 billion

* Bloomberg: Sell-side financing is dead

* Skype, the sequel? Andreessen and Silver Lake circle Yahoo

* Hollywood accounting: How Return of the Jedi lost money

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares extend gains and the Nikkei climbs nearly 2%.

* Joshua Brown: Correlation as long-term pandemic

* Eric Wesoff takes on Peter Thiel’s dismissal of cleantech

* Dick Grote: The myth of performance metrics

* Cliff Asness defends hedge fund fees (as if he wouldn’t)
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* Dealbook says the Groupon IPO is “back on track.” Or, put another way, it’s “still” on track

* Judge rejects WaMu bankruptcy plan, says hedge funds may have used insider info

* And you can tell everybody… Proposed legislation would eliminate Regulation D’s general solicitation prohibition

* Matt Levine: Frank Quattrone got Motorola a sweet deal, but only if you don’t believe Motorola’s own numbers

* Tweet of the Day: @arrington I’ll be launching my new (personal) blog in a couple of days.

* Tweet of the Day II: @mindakimes “Solyndra” sounds like a middle aged woman who makes turquoise jewelry that someone’s divorced father met at burning man

* Tweet of the Day III: @PrimlyStable It would take the average UK worker 65,000 years to earn $2bn, yet #UBS lost that much without noticing and don’t know how it happened.