Today in Tech: Tweeting Hurricane Irene

August 29, 2011, 7:30 AM UTC

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* Hurricane Irene came and went, and while many people felt its potent effects, the hurricane-turned-tropical storm also inspired a number of reactions via Twitter, from criticism of TV news anchors in raincoats when Irene was hundreds of miles away to over-the-top screengrabs taken from the disaster flick, The Day After Tomorrow, and disaster photos actually taken weeks before. (The New York Times)

* How has HP (HPQ) blown it over the last few years? Al Lewis over at The Wall Street Journal counts the many, many ways, whether it’s sidelining webOS efforts or raising financial estimates twice during the last 12 months and missing them. (The Wall Street Journal)

* A handy list of Steve Jobs’s appearances at All Things D’s conferences since 2003, including the onstage sit-down with Bill Gates. (All Things D)

* How Apple (AAPL) could maybe — just maybe — end up killing cable TV. (Computerworld)

* Wetpaint CEO Ben Elowitz predicts that Facebook will enter the search market next year. (TechCrunch via Digital Quarters)

* What Groupon CEO Andrew Mason didn’t tell employees in that company memo. (BNET)

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