Pre-Marketing: The winter of entrepreneurial discontent

August 11, 2011, 2:42 PM UTC

* Eric Ries: Winter is coming for start-ups

* Felix Salmon: The difference between S&P and Moody’s

* Doubling down: Insiders buying stock at highest rate since 2009

* Romney to S&P in 2004: Raise Massachusetts’ credit rating, because we raised taxes

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higherLondon rebounds earlyEuropean shares slip on French banks and the Nikkei turns negative.

* Just in time for the holiday: Decepticon Tradebots

* European nightmare: “If Italy goes, God help us all.”

* Frank Partnoy: The coming world of much smaller banks

* Not just a U.S. thing: The Latin American IPO market goes cold

* Dave Knox: Is Twitter really any good for brand advertisers?

* Silicon Valley’s undertaker: “We’re anticipating a major fallout”

* WSJ breaks down recent budget-related votes by “Super Committee” members

* Today in insider trading: Former Marvell Technology exec accused of fraud

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* Tweet of the Day: @zerohedge: Is it odd that Dick Fuld and Brian Moynihan never speak on the same call?