Worst-dressed of ‘Silicon Valley’

August 3, 2011, 10:54 PM UTC

Can you be one of Silicon Valley’s “worst-dressed” if you don’t live in Silicon Valley?

No one will ever confuse GQ with National Geographic, but aren’t male fashionistas able to read an atlas?

GQ today unveiled its list of the 15 worst-dressed men in Silicon Valley. Only problem is that four of these guys don’t live anywhere near Buck’s or The Rosewood. In fact, they don’t even live in California:

  • Dennis Crowley, CEO of Foursquare, lives in New York
  • Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony Corp., lives in New York.
  • Seth Priebatsch, CEO of SCVNGR, lives in the Boston area.
  • Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, lives in Medina, Washington.

Moreover, MySpace founder Tom Anderson lives in Los Angeles, while venture capitalist/ex-Googler Chris Sacca resides in Truckee, California (a mere 200+ miles north of Palo Alto).

So GQ really gave us the nine worst-dressed men of Silicon Valley, plus six other guys. Well, so long as “Silicon Valley” is still considered more of a geography than a state of mind…