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Pre-Marketing: Defanging the credit rating agencies

* Bethany McLean: Why won’t anyone defang the credit rating agencies?

* Massive cyber-espionage uncovered: Was China behind Operation Shady RAT?

* Prostitutes run on Dunkin: Why Fred got up so early to make the donuts… 

* Morning Call: U.S. futures signal rebound, London falls early, crude prices slip, European shares tumble and the Nikkei hits 5-week low.

* Barry Ritholtz: Sell the bounce

* Chart of the Day: Welfare states

* S. Anthony Iannarino: Why sales is a team sport

* Tim Geithner: It was a terrible process, but a good result

* What debt crisis? The best bet last month was U.S. treasuries

* Zack Whittaker: Patriot Act affects European cloud adoption

* You’d better shop around: Doing due diligence on your venture capitalist

* Literal interest in Jon Corzine: MF Global sells bonds with an interesting clause

* New world order of global sovereigns: When corporations have better credit ratings

* Not so charming: Bracelet maker Pandora loses 2/3 of its value after cutting forecast

* Benefits of paying attention in math class: How to win the Massachusetts lottery every 3 months