Pre-Marketing: Economist turns on GOP

July 11, 2011, 3:27 PM UTC

* The Economist: Shame on the GOP

* Steven Greenhouse: The wageless, profitable recovery

* Kauffman Foundation: New companies are creating fewer jobs, since even before the Great Recession

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London opens soft, crude prices fall and the Nikkei retreats.

* Ec0nomists: We got the jobs numbers wrong because…

* Julia La Roche: Meet the Wall Street summer intern DJ

* Nikesh Parekh: Cleantech-less in Seattle

* Scott Kirsner: Tracking e-clues of likely job changers

* Charles Kenny: Be patriotic by hiring an illegal immigrant

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* Eric Dash: Weak Q2 numbers expected from Wall Street banks

* Mark Suster: Why I’m doubling down on the Twitter ecosystem

* Paul Boutin: How Google+ will Balkanize your social life (in a good way)

* Gary Rivlin: How Wall Street is buying off Washington, and killing reform

* Tweet of Friday: @jdickerson “Today’s jobs report was delivered to White House doorstep in a brown paper bag and on fire”

* Sequoia Capital’s Mike Moritz, on investing in a grilled-cheese restaurant: “Life would be boring if you kept investing in things you’d done before.”