Apple Finance Board calls for 90% earnings growth in Q3

July 5, 2011, 7:20 PM UTC

The largest collection of amateur analysts sees iPhone sales up 110%, iPads up 155%

Data: Posts At Eventide. Chart: PED

Apple (AAPL) will report its earnings for the June quarter on July 19, two weeks from today. The current consensus among Wall Street analysts, according to Thomson Financial, is that the company earned $5.69 per share on sales of $24.67 billion, up 62.1% and 57.2%, respectively.

Impressive as those growth rates might sound, they’re anemic compared with what the amateur analysts at The Mac Observer’s Apple Finance Board are forecasting.

Over the weekend, Robert Paul Leitao, who rides herd over 30 active AFB members, posted their estimates for Apple’s fiscal Q3. His is, as far as we know, the largest collection of amateur analysts for any company in the world. (Fortune uses a subset of his group for its quarterly Apple earnings smackdown.) Their estimates are of interest because they are invariably more accurate than Wall Street’s.

The AFB consensus is calling for earnings of $6.66 on sales of $26.556 billion, up 89.61% and 69.14%. respectively — a modest slowdown from last quarter’s breakneck earnings growth of 92% and and sales growth of 82%.

We’ve copied Leitao’s spreadsheets below the fold. The details are available on his blog, Posts At Eventide, here and here.

Source: Posts At Eventide.

Source: Posts At Eventide.