Apple’s WWDC 2011 developer sessions now available online

June 24, 2011, 3:44 PM UTC

Free for those who couldn’t make it to San Francisco or didn’t sign up before they sold out

Source: Apple Inc.

The 5,200 developers who rushed to register before the $1,599 tickets sold out, flew to San Francisco to be there in person, and stood in lines that snaked around three city blocks say that the conversations that took place in the hallways between sessions were half the reason to attend the Apple (AAPL) Worldwide Developer Conference that wrapped up two weeks ago.

For the rest of us, the other half of WWDC 2011 is now available for free.

It comes in the form of 109 developer session videos that can be streamed or downloaded from Apple’s developer page here. You must be registered to view them, and the content is covered by an Apple non disclosure agreement, but you can register as an Apple Developer for free.

Most of the technical sessions will be over the head of viewers who don’t know Cocoa Touch from Core OS, but the Apple Platforms Kickoff (shown above) is a useful introduction for anyone who wants a better understanding of how Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 are converging.