Pre-Marketing: Timberland cleared for $2 billion

June 13, 2011, 3:44 PM UTC

* Big Boot: VF Corp. buying Timberland for $2 billion

* Dining with the fat cats: Obama woos Wall Street

* George Clooney for president? Nouriel Roubini warns of a “perfect storm”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises earlyEuropean shares stabilize after sell-off and the Nikkei falls.

* James Allworth: Big content is strangling innovation

* Liberal link-bait: 10 charts that prove the U.S. is a low-tax country

* Gallery: Photos from last week’s Tech Gives Back event in Boston

* Silicon Valley: Startup valuation boom = commercial real estate boom

* Darren Samuelsohn: Where are the green jobs?

* Eric Falkenstein: Bankruptcy vs. insolvency

* Court: Private lap dances are not tax exempt

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* NY AG launches investigation of Bank of America over mortgage securitizations

* Peter Bright: Why Microsoft has made developers terrified of coding for Windows 8

* Tweet of the Day: @ronsirak New nickname for Lebron James: 75 cents. Doesn’t have the fourth quarter.