Pre-Marketing: Goodbye Goolsbee

June 7, 2011, 3:01 PM UTC

Goodbye Goolsbee. Does he get to keep his white board?

* John Carney: Solving the mystery of corporate cash hoarding

* Andrew Ross Sorkin: Sorry vampire squid-haters, Blankfein didn’t lie to Congress

* Morning Call:  U.S. futures point to rebound, London opens strongEuropean shares climb and the Nikkei rises.

* Tim Geithner: We need global rules on derivatives

* Megan McArdle: Why do we allow inheritance at all?

* Steve Waldman: Bank bailouts and the rentier class

* Stalk & Michael: What the West doesn’t get about China

* Ex-SAC trader: Winnie Jiau’s tips were “absolutely perfect”

John Gruber: “Google’s frame is the browser window. Apple’s frame is the screen.”

* Deal-breaker? Patent lawsuit was filed against Skype on day Microsoft acquisition was announced

* Distressed diva: Signature Stylers, a portfolio company of Lynn Tilton’s Patriarch Partners, is bankrupt