Video: German Apple store site defaced with Windows logo

June 5, 2011, 10:13 AM UTC

A well-documented piece of street art appeared Friday at a Hamburg construction site

Photo: Gerolf via

A group calling itself the .Wav Collective, after a Windows audio file format, has posted a video showing a pair of street artists disguised as workmen cordoning off a section of the Jungfernstieg in downtown Hamburg Friday morning, hoisting a ladder against the construction barricade at the site of Apple’s (AAPL) newest retail in the city, and calmly affixing an oversize (and slightly jumbled) Windows logo.

The store, Apple’s second in Hamburg, is scheduled to open this summer. The company celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its first Apple Store last month by retrofitting its 325 existing outlets. It is scheduled to 40 new stores before the end of the year.

Microsoft (MSFT), which has a history of following Apple’s lead, has opened nine retail outlets of its own. They are often located near the site of an existing Apple Store (see here), but never quite this close.

Below the fold: The .Wav Collective video on Vimeo. (Also available in iOS-friendly YouTube format here.)

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Via Edible Apple.