Pre-Marketing: Gores looks at Borders’ books

June 2, 2011, 3:29 PM UTC

* Bargain bin: Gores Group in talks to buy half of Borders Group’s remaining stores

* Mohamed El-Erian: The danger of emerging market inflation

* The deal he missed: David Rubenstein refused to meet with Mark Zuckerberg

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point to rebound, London opens softEuropean shares slump and the Nikkei falls.

* David Pakman: Continued disruption of traditional media business models

* Rob Go: 5 under-hyped companies I’d invest in at a wild valuation

* Michael Arrington begins to hedge on his bubble vs. blubble argument

* Academics devise model to prove that LinkedIn shares were trading in a bubble

* Collateral damage: Is Sbarro’s Philly cheese steak slice a victim of the pizza chain’s bankruptcy?

* Felix Salmon is keeping tabs on the saga of the NY Times, Fabrice Tourre and that mysterious laptop

* Naguib Sawiris has launched a political party in Egypt, to “attract honest businessmen who create jobs”

* Robert Johnson: While the ‘Tiffany’s Recovery’ continues, lower-income consumers are being pummeled