Pre-Marketing: Yandex IPO raises $1.3 billion

May 24, 2011, 3:28 PM UTC

Sausage breakfast pizza

* Yandex scores big: Russian search engine raises $1.3 billion in IPO

* A lesson in networking: The Carlyle Group and the business of charter schools

* Andrew Sorkin: Brain cancer sharpens Ted Forstmann’s focus on philanthropy

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higherLondon opens strongEuropean shares rebound and the Nikkei climbs.

* David Weidner: How hedge funds beat the market

* Vulture alert: Buyers battle for Europe’s bad loans

* Jason Baptiste: The most underrated quality of a CEO

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* Rapture post-game: Harold Camping apologizes, but isn’t giving back the money

* From the Didn’t We Already Know That Dep’t: Fred Wilson confirms Twitter stock sale

* Elizabeth Warren still can’t get confirmed to run CFPB, so why not run for Senate in Massachusetts?

* CalPERS chief investment officer Joe Dear is among those being investigated for not properly reporting gifts (no matter how silly the investigation may be). That can’t be good for his political ambitions…

* SNL opened its season finale with DSK at Rikers, while his cellmates discuss the eurozone crisis: “Greece don’t be paying their taxes. Where’s the revenue gonna come from? They gonna sell $1 trillion worth of feta?”

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