Welcome to the new Fortune.com

May 9, 2011, 1:00 PM UTC

By Daniel Roth, Fortune Digital managing editor

FORTUNE — Today marks a major change for Fortune and CNNMoney.

Starting this morning, Fortune’s deep reporting, great writing, compelling lists and incredible photos will show up throughout the site, not just on Fortune.com. You’ll see the Fortune brand everywhere, from the banner way up top to the river of stories that runs down every page.

Perhaps the best place to see this new mashup in action is in the tech channel. Fortune’s stories on Silicon Valley tend to drive the tech conversation: witness Adam Lashinsky’s must-read story about how the ultimate startup, Apple, operates; Chadwick Matlin’s series on the new tech bubble; Jessi Hempel’s unearthing of the troubles at Twitter; or JP Mangalindan’s morning cheat sheet on the tech news driving the day [sign up for Today in Tech here]. With the redesign, investors and news hounds can now find these Fortune features side by side with the latest earnings analysis from CNNMoney or gadget advice from Money magazine.

We’re also unveiling a new section of the site called Term Sheet, which concentrates on the big-money triangle that runs from Silicon Valley to Greenwich, Ct. to Wall Street. Term Sheet will be your one-stop source for Colin Barr’s pointed take on the happenings in banking and economics; Dan Primacks’s up-to-the-minute analysis and breaking news on venture capital, private equity, deals and personnel shifts [sign up for his newsletter here]; and Katie Benner’s hedge fund findings. Fortune’s ever-expanding roster of well-known names — from senior editor-at-large Allan Sloan to CNBC’s Becky Quick — will contribute the kind of intelligence and access you’re not going to find anywhere else. Plus, in area of Term Sheet called From the Crowd, we’ll be featuring writers from the industries we’re covering sharing what they’re seeing on the ground and the lessons they’ve learned.

And the changes to the site are just part of the digital evolution of Fortune.

This year, you’re going to see Fortune rolling out new partnerships, new technologies and new methods of delivering you content. Our new Fortune 500+ Web app [learn more here] takes the iconic Fortune 500 list and turns it into a browser-based tool for finding and getting into the 1,000 biggest companies in the U.S. That Apple story I mentioned earlier? Part of it is available for free, but the full story can only be found in the Kindle store, on the iPad (where print subscribers in the U.S. get it free), in your mailbox or at a newsstand. In the coming months, we’ll announce more tools, reinvented apps (when others are still in the “inventing” stage), and link-ups with top sites — all serving the goal of getting you the best stories on the most important topics in business wherever you need them and in whatever form works best.

It’s an exciting time to be at Fortune and we hope you like the changes. Please leave comments below to let us know what you think of the new digital efforts.