Pre-Marketing 5.9.11

May 9, 2011, 3:35 PM UTC

Creme brulee french toast, from reader Celia

* Tom Stevenson: The truth behind “Sell in May”

* Michael Ryall: The business school tuition bubble

* Mike Masnick: Groupon’s value isn’t in the idea. It’s in the execution.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London falls earlyEuropean shares slip and the Nikkei dragged down by Chubu Electric.

* WSJ: The year’s highest-paid CEOs

* Dunkin’ IPO risk? Coffee prices are hitting record highs

* Michael Tomasky: We are de-taxing ourselves to oblivion

* Joe Weisenthal: Why investors are lining up to bet against Bill Gross

* Nothing shocking: Trump “University” accused of scamming customers

* Ain’t that rich? LinkedIn sets IPO pricing range — value could top $3 billion

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* Vinod Khosla, the venture capitalist with a $1.4 billion fortune, joins The Giving Pledge

* Not a joke: Ex-BP boss Tony Hayward is on the “environment, health and safety committee” of Swiss commodities giant Glencore.

* Media wars (continued): Michael Arrington tells the rest of the tech press to screw themselves, arguing that everyone has biases (and that it’s okay so long as it’s disclosed). To me, this isn’t an issue of bias. It’s an issue of buying access. Arrington seems to agree, and is okay with it. Not the most traditional definition of pocketbook journalism, but perhaps the Silicon Valley version?