Pre-Marketing 5.6.11

May 6, 2011, 3:33 PM UTC

From reader Chase R.

* Jennifer Saba: Would Skype be better off with Facebook than Google?

* Justin Peters: The state of Sbarro, America’s least essential restaurant

* WSJ reports the the Feds keep looking for a way to nail Stevie Cohen. Maybe it’s just to antagonize the NY Mets.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher ahead of jobs report, London opens softEuropean shares slip and the Nikkei falls on commodities rout.

* Chris Dixon: Best practices for raising a VC round

* Fred Wilson: Sony is dealing with a revenge of the nerds

* Jason Goldberg: How to manage a startup’s board of directors

* Baltimore bait: Bin Laden raid was Lester Freamon’s finest hour

* Catherine Belton: Medvedev fights to attract private equity to Russia

* Bloomberg: Brazilian banks beat Wall Street as Itau shows who rules

* Steve Rushin: The mandatory retirement age for pro athletes should be 44

* Ben Protess: Who is Len Blavatnik, other than the guy who’s about to buy Warner Music?

* Tweet of the Day: @ModeledBehavior The prospect of a Trump presidency is driving labor market improvement

* What elephant? Tom Foremski writes nearly 900 words on why tech journalists shouldn’t invest in startups, without once mentioning TechCrunch.