Pre-Marketing 5.2.11

May 2, 2011, 3:40 PM UTC

What an astronaut eats on launch day (from @AstroIronMike)

* Gary Rivlin: An empty offer on taxes from the super-rich

* John Jannarone: Quest Diagnostics’ $200 million mystery

* The assassination will be Twitter-ized: The man who live-tweeted raid on bin Laden

* Morning Call: U.S. futures rise on bin Laden news, London opens softEuropean shares hit 2-month high and the Nikkei cracks 10k

* Daniel Indiviglio: Did Americans’ income really rise in March?

* It’s ba-ack: Microsoft resurrects Clippy, the talking paper clip

* Tightening consequences? China’s manufacturing growth slows in April

* Joan Williams: Air traffic controller problems are the canary in the coal mine

* Such a deal… Amazon claims that security costs for Jeff Bezos are “especially reasonable”

* examines Franklin Graham’s signs of the coming Armageddon

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* Ph.D alert: Two computer scientists develop technology that can identify “that’s what she said” double entendres

* Not a joke: Tattoo artist responsible for Mike Tyson face massacre sues Hangover 2 producers for copyright infringement

* Tweet of the Day: @AZEvaG: BREAKING: Apple takes credit for finding Bin Laden through iPhone secret tracking. “We told you it was a feature, damn it” – Jobs