Pre-Marketing 4.26.11

April 26, 2011, 3:49 PM UTC

* Marshall Kirkpatrick: Facebook may have just killed Groupon

* Jeremy Grantham: Our days of abundant resources and falling prices are over forever

* Andrew Sorkin: NYSE Euronext (NYX) cares about everyone’s corporate governance but its own

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London opens strongEuropean shares climb on financials and the Nikkei slips on exporters.

* Video: Nassim Taleb on living with black swans

* Big move: Joi Ito named head of the MIT Media Lab

* The Buffett List: Potential buy targets in emerging markets

* Nicholas Donato: Is your private equity firm too lax on tax?

* Carl Icahn responds to the NY Times: “My finest hour as an investor”

* Post-revolutionary: Wael Ghonim leaves Google (GOOG) to launch tech NGO in Egypt

* Money move: Hedge fund managers who once backed Obama now write checks to the GOP

* John Boehner won’t even promise a vote on the debt limit, thus shifting from economically irresponsible to economically homicidal.

* Tweet of the Day: @moorehn L’oreal chairman doesn’t see “synergies” with Nestle. Hello? Makeup and chocolate: last resorts of women in despair.

* Trailer for Revenge of the Electric Car: