Today in Tech: Is Apple tracking you?

April 21, 2011, 2:11 PM UTC

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President Obama at yesterdays Facebook Town Hall. Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP
  • President Obama sat down with Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook’s Town Hall yesterday, weighing in on everything from the economic recovery to immigration and Medicare. When it came to technology, he reiterated the need for more engineers and programmers. “I always hear stories about how we can’t find engineers, and that’s why we’re emphasizing math and science,” he said. “We want to start making science cool. I want people to feel about the next big energy breakthrough and the next big Internet breakthrough the same way they felt about the moonwalk.” (TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb)
  • For its second quarter earnings, Apple reported sales of $24.7 billion, up nearly 83% year over year and a 95% profit jump to $5.99 billion. Surprisingly, iPad sales came in under analyst estimates with 4.69 million units sold, but that’s more likely due to supply issues, not a lack in demand. (The iPad 2 still has a 1-2 week wait.) (Fortune)
  • Apple also became the subject of controversy over a file in iPhones and 3G iPads that stores a list of users’ locations and time stamps. According to two O’Reilly Radar researchers, the file is restored in device back-ups and when users switch or upgrade to similar Apple devices. This led to the discussion of whether Apple is tracking users’ every move. O’Reilly’s researchers say “Yes,” while Alex Levinson, an information security engineer, argues otherwise. (O’Reilly Radar and Alex Levinson’s blog)
  • Microsoft and Nokia signed a definitive contract cementing the partnership they announced last February that, among other things, will make Microsoft Windows Phone Nokia’s “primary smartphone operating system.”
    (All Things D)
  • eBay acquired Where, a location-based services developer, for around $135 million. “Ebay and PayPal are both investing in multi-channel commerce and the online to offline experience,” a PayPal spokesman said. “This acquisition represents that.”
  • Are start-up founders cashing out too much, too early? Connie Loizos over at PEHub reports. (PEHub)
  • Fortune contributor Kevin Kelleher explains how Chinese social network RenRen’s initial public offering (IPO) is laying the ground work for Facebook. (Fortune)
  • Looking forward to getting your hands on a Chrome OS notebook? According to Neowin, you’ll be able to come late June/early July. (Neowin)

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