Pre-Marketing 4.20.11

April 20, 2011, 3:23 PM UTC

Yes, it's a breakfast dog

* Chris Mooney: The science of why we don’t believe in science

* Polling the unserious: Americans don’t want entitlement cuts or broad tax hikes. Tax increases on the wealthy, however, are a go.

* Angel investor Paige Craig is worried that a pregnant CEO/founder is going to fail her company. Jessica Jackey, the specific founder Craig uses as an example, responds over at BI.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures rise on tech, London rises earlyEuropean shares climb and Japan snaps losing streak.

* Google’s (GOOG) Eric Schmidt recent got fired a raise

* PeerIndex: 25 most influential people tweeting about Apple (AAPL)

* Steven Davidoff: Bankrate’s journey from buyout to IPO candidate

* Matt Townsend: American Apparel (APP) gets some adult supervision

* Productivity and the art of war: Applying Sun Tzu’s teachings to business

* History on the block: Digital Equipment’s old headquarters enters foreclosure

* Micah Rosenbloom: The trap of an artificial timeline when raising venture capital

* No new podium: Talks between Robert Gibbs and Facebook have broken down.

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* Keil Porter: CDC, the UK gov’t-backed group that invests in emerging markets PE, will begin investing in developed nations

* Tweet of the Day: @alexia_tsotsis (fake Alexia): If the VCs seem skeptical, quickly append “for the enterprise” to your pitch, and you’ll get your funding.

* HBO trailer for Too Big To Fail: