Pre-Marketing 4.15.11

April 15, 2011, 3:13 PM UTC

* Jim Millstein: GOP threats on the debt ceiling aren’t free

* Dan Pallotta: How to get people to actually read your emails

* CDO Oh Baby: Deutsche Bank trader pens a CDO-themed rhyme, to the tune of Vanilla Ice’s classic.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures slip, Google comes up short, London reboundsEuropean shares slide on debt and inflation worries and the Nikkei tumbles.

* Brett Arends: Watch out for the small caps

* Survey says: 50% of Wall Street professionals lie

* Stewart Lyman: Why I love U.S. pharma regulation

* Did ZipCar’s (ZIP) IPO underwriters give it the shaft? Yes and no.

* John Carney: What the Senate panel got wrong about Goldman Sachs (GS)

* It’s not quite Star Trek yet, but scientists actually have a teleportation success

* Related flashback: 2003 Scott Kirsner column on Zipcar, when it had just 18 employees and a CEO off a failed tech startup

* Jonathan Weil: Tenet (THC) accusing Community Health Systems (CYH) of over-billing is like Snookie accusing someone of being trashy