Pre-Marketing 4.11.11

April 11, 2011, 3:27 PM UTC

* Gerald Scorse: It’s time to retire Roth IRAs

* Felix Salmon: The Wall Street mind remains oblivious

* Alan Webber: The opposite of capitalism is Hadza-ism

* Jason Kelly: Private equity will sell your corporate jet (but keep its own)

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London opens strongEuropean shares dip and the Nikkei falls on autos.

* Peter Thiel: We’re in a higher education bubble

* Luke Timmerman: Open-source biology deserves a shot

* Joe Weisenthal: Debt hawks are the new global warming alarmists

* Bernie Madoff channels his inner pro athelete: “It wasn’t about the money.”

* Kai Lukoff: MySpace’s sorry failure in China (i.e., what Facebook shouldn’t do)

* No thanks: NYSE Euronext rejects unsolicited buyout bid from Nasdaq and ICE

* Fred Wilson: Companies must understand their margins, beyond the strict accounting sense

* Reprieve: Private equity and hedge funds will have an extra 6 months to comply with SEC registration requirements.

* Tarnished halo? Lawsuit says Jamie Dimon was among those at JP Morgan (JPM) who knowingly let client assets wither on a rotted vine.

* Tweet of the Day: @mecredis “US budget is like Oregon Trail. Spend all your $ on ammunition; wonder why your wagon is falling apart and everyone is dying of dysentery”

* Jonathan Allen: “For members of Congress, the debt vote has a bit of the stink bomb aroma of the 2008 bank bailout vote. Lifting the debt cap is the responsible thing to do, but it could be equally perilous to vote for it if Americans are angry that Washington can’t bring the budget anywhere close to balance.”