iFund companies going Android

April 7, 2011, 4:37 AM UTC

More jobs are opening for Android developers according to a report today.

CC Flickr user MJ/TR (´・ω・)

Dow Jones’ VentureWire reports this evening that most of the companies seeded with cash from Kleiner Perkins famous iFund are taking their iApps and porting them over to Google’s (GOOG) Android platform.

A telling stat:

13 of the 16 companies backed by the $200 million iFund now have both iOS and Android apps or will within a few months.  Of the 16 companies in Kleiner’s iFund, only digital magazine Flipboard Inc. and non-fiction publisher Callaway Digital Arts Inc.–both of which are geared toward the iPad–and home control system company iControl Networks Inc. don’t have applications for Android.

The report notes that jobs for iOS Developers trail jobs for Android developers on technology job site, Dice.  In an informal, unscientific count, I tally 837 for iOS and 1,163 for Android.

It isn’t just hiring companies that have put in the shift.  Developers are starting to follow the money.  “Before it was iPhone, iPhone, iPhone,” Scott Lahman, chief executive of Gogii an iOS turned Android development house, told VentureWire “Now more [job] candidates are saying they want to work on Android.”

Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson has been imploring developers (or at least ones that would like to get funded) to take up Android development for about six months now.  He’s taken some heat for that assertion, but it appears that the numbers are starting to back him up.

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