Google’s +1 is a Buzzkill

March 30, 2011, 7:18 PM UTC

The new service will continue where Buzz left off.

Google (GOOG) today released the ‘+1’ Social product that has been rumored for many months.  While it isn’t a Facebook competitor, it will offer a way for Google to populate the Internet with its own ‘like’ buttons, the way Facebook and Twitter have.

Until now, that focus has belonged to Buzz, which coincidentally was in the news today.  Google settled with the FTC over Google’s privacy violations during launch.  I don’t think Buzz will be around much longer, and after its disastrous start, it probably should be laid to rest.

Here’s what +1 looks like in a search result:

Initially, +1 buttons will only be on Google’s searches, taking over for the ‘favorite’ stars (

).  At the moment, users will still see stars which now aren’t editable.

Google is also putting +1 buttons on ads which, with Google’s social graph, should help Google show its users more relevant ads.

Video below:


To enable +1 on your Google account, head here.