Pre-Marketing 3.29.11

March 29, 2011, 2:52 PM UTC

* Paul La Monica: Should Best Buy go private?

* Kurt Brown: Preaching to the green choir is a dead end

* Baby Einstein? A 12 year-old is working to disprove Albert’s theory of relativity

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London opens flat, European shares fall on financials and the Nikkei edges down.

* Tobin Arthur: Medical images get cloudy

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* Dear GOP: Preserve national service, even on a tight budget

* Nothing shocking: Sprint opposes the AT&T-Mobile merger

* Related: Moody’s says that JPMorgan’s (JPM) $20 billion loan for the deal is a “negative credit”

* Andrew Ross Sorkin: Brazil is experiencing a buyout boom, hold the leverage

* Henry Blodget: GE’s response to the NYT story on its tax bill is a cautionary tale of corporate Twitter usage

* Turns out you can hack the Color app. The startup’s reply: We never promised you privacy.

* We now know why Curt Johnson — the SC Johnson heir who helped co-found PE firm Wind Point Partners — recently stepped down as chairman of Diversey.

* Ex-NY Comptroller Alan Hevesi was supposed to be sentenced yesterday for his role in the pension kickback scandal, but got a delay after being hospitalized.