Google Instant search: Coming to an retail website near you

March 29, 2011, 4:27 PM UTC

The Instant search technology makes searching for products quicker and easier.

If you are a business that offers products on the web, you want your customers to find what they are looking for quickly.  Google (GOOG) is obviously an expert at such things and has today released an update to its co-opted search engine for retail websites, Google Commerce Search 3.0:


The features are already active on some of Google’s partner sites, including, below


Notable features in Google Commerce Search 3.0:

  • Search as You Type provides instant gratification to shoppers, returning product results with every keystroke, right from the search bar
  • Local Product Availability helps retailers bridge online and offline sales by showing shoppers when a product is also available in a store nearby—in-line with the search results
  • Enhanced Merchandising tools allow retailers to create product promotions that display in banners alongside related search queries, and to easily set query-based landing pages (for example, when a visitor types [shoes], they’re directed to a “shoe” page)
  • Product Recommendations (Labs) helps shoppers make purchase decisions by showing them what others viewed and ultimately bought

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